Chapter 377 - : I Know Every Size on Your Body

Chapter 377: I Know Every Size on Your Body

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If President Wen were to become flirtatious, no one would be his match.

Yu Anwan silently muttered in her heart.

Wen Jin’s hands were already wrapped around Yu Anwan’s slender waist, a grip she couldn’t ignore.

With a gentle force, Wen Jin brought Yu Anwan into the circle of his arms.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t resist. It was more of a reluctance to resist, fearing she might spoil the wedding dress.

Yu Anwan’s cautiousness only fueled Wen Jin’s audacity.

“May I?” Wen Jin suddenly inquired.

“What?” Yu Anwan’s thoughts were elsewhere.

Why should men wear just suits for weddings while women are burdened with such heavy attire?

Yet, women seemed unable to resist the allure of such extreme beauty.

It was willingly embraced.

“To kiss you.” Wen Jin’s voice carried a magnetic tone.

Yu Anwan hesitated for a moment, her gaze meeting Wen Jin’s as she looked up passively.

Wen Jin’s lips curved into a smile, and in the next instant, without giving Yu Anwan a chance to respond, he kissed her deeply.

The overwhelming kiss drowned out any sound Yu Anwan could make.

The large hand on her waist tightened its grip.

Even through the layers of fabric, they could feel each other’s excitement and passion.

Yet, Wen Jin’s kisses were deliberate, and seductive in every move.

Yu Anwan felt her tongue quiver.

She thought of resisting but couldn’t deny the allure of this intimate moment.

In the end, Yu Anwan surrendered, as if she had already given up in the face of such closeness.

Her slender arms willingly circled Wen Jin’s neck.

He was tall.

Yu Anwan had to rise on her tiptoes to reach him.

Despite the spacious dressing room, an air of romance permeated the surroundings.

It seemed impossible to dispel.

Gradually, it enveloped Yu Anwan completely.

Suddenly, a light cough shattered the ambiguous atmosphere.

Yu Anwan, like a startled rabbit, swiftly pulled away.

Wen Jin lowered his head, appearing more composed than Yu Anwan.

“I hope I didn’t unintentionally disturb you two?” Carina said with a mischievous smile.

Yu Anwan lowered her head, her cheeks flushed.

The audacity from before vanished.

It felt like she wanted to hide away in the next moment.

“No, not at all,” Wen Jin said straightforwardly. “I just couldn’t help myself when I saw my wife.”

The French, known for their romantic nature, were unfazed by such scenes.

Carina smoothly changed the topic, “So, Mrs. Wen, is there anything about the wedding dress that doesn’t fit?”

Yu Anwan bit her lip.

Then, she cast an annoyed glance at Wen Jin.

Blame it all on Wen Jin.

His sudden entry and antics diverted her attention from noticing any issues with her attire.

Now, when Carina asked, she couldn’t provide an immediate answer.

“Shrink the waist by another centimeter, and relax the chest slightly by one centimeter,” Wen Jin spoke up.

Yu Anwan was shocked, listened to Wen Jin’s instructions, and looked at him.

“Let me take a look.” Carina nodded.

With those words, Carina approached Yu Anwan.

Adjusting the position according to Wen Jin’s words, she nodded, “Indeed, adjustments are needed.”

Yu Anwan was speechless.

Wen Jin silently smirked. Speaking to Yu Anwan in Chinese, he said, “I know every size of your body.”

His tone carried a flirtatious hint, tinted with a bit of mockery.

This time, Yu Anwan’s ears turned red from ear to neck.

Her skin began to blush, a blend of shyness and coquetry.

What on earth was President Wen talking about?

An hour later, the wedding dress had been meticulously adjusted and sealed inside a wooden box. The hotel staff personally delivered it to the suite of Yu Anwan and Wen Jin.

Tomorrow, Yu Anwan and Wen Jin would be boarding a flight from Paris back to Jiang City.

As night fell, after the couple had finished their preparations, Yu Anwan emerged wearing a bathrobe, her hair still damp.

Wen Jin, holding a hairdryer, allowed Yu Anwan to lean against him as he attentively dried her hair.

The warm breeze swept through, but despite the late hour, Yu Anwan was in high spirits. Yet, her focus remained fixed on the wooden box before her.

She gazed at it, unwavering.

Even after Wen Jin had finished blow-drying Yu Anwan’s hair, her eyes never left the wooden box.

“Do you like it that much?” Wen Jin asked with a hint of helplessness.

Setting the hairdryer aside, Wen Jin waited for Yu Anwan’s response.

Yu Anwan made a sound of affirmation, not denying her fondness for it. However, in the next moment, she looked directly at Wen Jin. “Wen Jin, how did you know my preference.”

Wen Jin smiled but remained silent as if enjoying the mystery he had created.

Yu Anwan wasn’t easily misled.

Considering the peculiar relationship she shared with Wen Jin, she wouldn’t believe that he had suddenly gained insight overnight.

If that were the case, Wen Jin wouldn’t have previously gifted her with a wedding dress perfectly suited for Lu Nanxin.

Hence, it was evident that someone must have aided Wen Jin.

“I’m asking you a question!” Yu Anwan’s expression grew stern.

In response, Wen Jin swiftly gathered Yu Anwan into his embrace, resting his jaw on her hair.

“Xiaobao told me.” The deep voice slowly resonated.

“Ah, so it was Yu Xiaobao who spilled the beans. That makes sense.” Yu Anwan thought.

After all, Yu Xiaobao was a sucker for good looks, and Wen Jin’s appearance seemed to particularly appeal to Yu Xiaobao.

So, when Wen Jin asked, it wasn’t surprising that Yu Xiaobao spilled the beans.

“So, are you satisfied this time?” Wen Jin inquired again.

As he asked, Wen Jin also became a bit mischievous.

Yu Anwan was tickled by his actions and couldn’t help but remark,

“Wen Jin, can you not act like a fool?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” Wen Jin replied bluntly.

Yu Anwan was left speechless.

This question seemed to change the atmosphere in an instant.

“Once more.” Wen Jin spoke with a deep voice, the longing in his eyes becoming unmistakably evident.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yu Anwan found herself without the right to resist. She was already pinned down by Wen Jin.


Considering how well President Wen had charmed her.

It was as if, after traveling thousands of miles from Wen Jin to Paris to find her, the sweetness of their interactions only intensified day by day. Yu Anwan’s lack of resistance fueled Wen Jin’s determination.

On the living room carpet, their figures intertwined. freewebn

Outside the vast French window, dew-kissed flowers created a scene that was both inviting and hard to resist.

It was as if it rendered people powerless to look away.

The temperature inside the room gradually rose.

Slowly, everything around them settled into a serene state.

As if the only sound that could be heard was the rhythmic beating of each other’s hearts.

It lingered for a long while.

The next day, Yu Anwan and Wen Jin didn’t linger in Paris for long. They slept in until waking naturally, had lunch, and then headed straight to the airport.

While waiting for the flight, Wen Jin attended to work matters.

Yu Anwan’s head lowered, scrolled through her phone.

Suddenly, a WeChat message from Sheng Xuanyin buzzed.

Yu Anwan opened the WeChat message and took a look..

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