Chapter 170 - : Avenge Aunt

Chapter 170: Chapter 170: Avenge Aunt

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Li Hongyuan carried Xiaoqian in, with Xiaoqian tightly clinging to his neck, his little face slightly pale.

The Emperor looked up and exclaimed in surprise, “What’s the matter with Xiaoqian?” novelbuddy.c(o)m

King of Chen and Prince of Huai immediately crowded around to see.

Li Hongyuan recounted the events and insinuated, “Ever since the assassination attempt, Xiaoqian has been overly fearful and startled, fainting at the sight of blood. It seems he’s been left with a lingering ailment.”

“A lingering ailment?” The Emperor frowned as expected.

King of Chen said unhurriedly, “I’ve never heard of such an affliction.”

“Since you don’t believe it, fine.”

Li Hongyuan casually tore off a jade pendant from his waist and aimed it at King of Chen’s face.

King of Chen screamed and covered his nose.

Blood gushed out.

Li Tingqian closed his eyes and fainted again.

There were no signs at all; he fainted as soon as it was said.

Although King of Chen was initially enraged, seeing Li Tingqian like this, he was somewhat concerned, holding his nose and momentarily forgetting his anger.

The Emperor saw this scene with his own eyes and stood up abruptly, shouting, “Call Dong Chaofeng!”

“Imperial Physician Dong is waiting outside the hall.”

“Call him in!”

Dong Chaofeng entered with his head bowed, knelt down and saluted.

The Emperor pointed to Xiaoqian: “What exactly is the matter with the emperor’s eldest grandson?”

Dong Chaofeng hurriedly replied, “This humble physician has already diagnosed him. Indeed, the sight of blood would cause His Highness the emperor’s eldest grandson to faint. With his condition, even hearing the word ‘blood’ would cause him to faint.”

The Emperor was outraged, “How could a perfectly healthy child become like this?”

Li Hongyuan said, “Well, you have to ask the third son.”

“Ask me? What does this have to do with me?” Prince of Huai said in astonishment, “This child has been glued to you, elder brother, since he was a child, running away whenever he sees me. Besides, Emperor Father treats him like the apple of his eye, and I dare not provoke him.”

“You dare not provoke him, but… what if it was an accident?”

“What do you mean? You might not like me, but don’t try to pin this shit on me!” Prince of Huai roared angrily, “You better not take advantage of your concubine mother’s favor to act recklessly!”

“You harmed the Princess Consort of Yu in public, and Xiaoqian happened to be there, witnessing her injury and bleeding. This is how the illness took root. You dare to say it has nothing to do with you?”

“It’s my fault your princess consort was injured? Do you have any evidence? Without evidence, you are slandering me!”

“What if I can provide evidence? Will you, third son, be willing to apologize to Emperor Father for your death?”

“Enough! Both of you, shut up!”

The Emperor roared angrily, “Dong Chaofeng, wake up the emperor’s eldest grandson at once.”

Dong Chaofeng hurriedly took out a silver needle and woke Xiaoqian up.

The Emperor personally held Xiaoqian, his heart aching, “Grandson, why did you get so scared?”

Xiaoqian clung to Emperor Grandfather’s neck, feeling extremely aggrieved, “Auntie was bleeding so much… If Auntie hadn’t protected Xiaoqian, Xiaoqian would have died. Emperor Grandfather, you’ve got to kill the bad guy and avenge Auntie.”

“Alright, alright, Emperor Grandfather will avenge your Auntie and vent your anger, too.”

The Emperor patted Xiaoqian’s back, calming him down for quite a while before sending him back with the eunuch.

Xiaoqian’s father was the Empress’s son, and the Emperor’s only legitimate son. He was designated as the Crown Prince from a young age and was highly appreciated and admired for his modesty and ability. Unfortunately, he died young, leaving only one grandson behind.

Of course, the Emperor cherished him dearly.

He slammed the table, pointed at several of his sons, and shouted in anger, “You are all useless! If you had even half of your eldest brother’s talents, I would be able to relax!”

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