Chapter 171 - : This is a Set-up, This is a Frame- up!

Chapter 171: Chapter 171: This is a Set-up, This is a Frame- up!

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The sons hurriedly knelt down, begging Emperor Father to calm his anger and punish them as he saw fit.

Emperor said, “You useless bastards! When you are in front of me, you pretend to be harmonious brothers who are filial. Don’t think I don’t know about the schemes you are involved in behind my back!”

The brothers dared not utter a word.

Emperor swept a pile of objects on the table to the floor, angrily saying, “Third son, take a look for yourself!”

Prince of Huai saw that it was sleeve arrows, hidden weapons, and belts.

“What… what is this?”

“You still dare to play dumb with me?” Emperor slapped the table, “Get over there and have a look yourself!”

Prince of Huai hurriedly picked up a short arrow, and found the character “Huai” carved on the tail of the arrow.

His face turned pale, and he quickly knelt down, “Emperor Father, I have been framed, I swear I have never used such things to harm the Princess Consort of Yu!”

“Did I say you used sleeve arrows to harm the Princess Consort of Yu? How did you know it was an arrow injury that the Princess Consort of Yu suffered?”

Li Hongyuan said, “After the Princess Consort was injured, I captured all the assassins and blocked any information. So… how did you know that my Princess Consort suffered an arrow wound?”

“This… it’s because Emperor Father took out this!” He raised the short arrow in his hand, “I never had such a thing, if this isn’t slander, what is it?”

“You still dare to argue!”

Emperor picked up a teacup and threw it at his face, “Bastard, daring to harm your own brothers, someone take him away and lock him up!”

“Emperor Father, your son has been wronged, I really haven’t done such a thing, please investigate!”

Prince of Huai was dragged away while crying out.

Emperor’s remaining anger had not subsided, so he called on Wenren Zong to thoroughly investigate the matter, promising no leniency if the Prince of Huai was found guilty!

Although Wenren Zong was young, since taking office in Yingtian Prefecture, he had solved numerous suspicious and unjust cases. His stability, carefulness, and strong reasoning skills were highly valued by the Emperor.

This case involved two princes, and as a Fourth-rank capital official, it would be difficult for him to handle.

However, Wenren Zong showed no fear or hesitation, and humbly accepted the task.

Prince of Huai was directly locked up in the prison.

This was the first time a prince had been detained in the Ministry of Justice’s prison.

In the past, when the princes committed mistakes, the most severe punishment would be scolding, a fine, or house arrest.

It was clear that Emperor was truly furious this time.

As soon as Prince of Huai was imprisoned, his birth mother, Concubine Xian, knelt before the entrance to the Emperor’s study, weeping, claiming that Prince of Huai was simple and honest by nature and could not possibly have committed such a crime.

Concubine Xian had been with the Emperor for many years, came from a prominent family, and had always been quiet and obedient.

Emperor still had some genuine affection for her. Seeing her crying pitifully with a plain face, red eyes, and white strands in her hair, he could not help but feel pity. novelbuddy. com

“You can get up,” he said, as he helped Concubine Xian to her feet.

Tearfully, Concubine Xian said, “Your Majesty knows the temperament of our third son. He has been honest since childhood and isn’t very clever. He doesn’t even realize when others are plotting against him. What wrong could he have done? He doesn’t have that kind of malicious heart. Your Majesty, I beg you…” “This matter has not yet been settled, and a clear investigation is required. If he is innocent, how could I wrong him?”

“But he is a prince, and he has never experienced such hardship. How can he bear being imprisoned? ” Concubine Xian wept with grief, “Even if Your Majesty is angry, don’t imprison him. The weather is getting colder, and his health is not strong, he won’t be able to endure it…”

Emperor, irritated, ordered the eunuch to escort her back..

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