Chapter 554 2

Chapter 554 2

On the dance floor, the girls moved and grooved their bodies to the music without any restraint. Initially, Mu Jun wanted to stay away from the dance floor, but Sia did not allow him to. Encircling her hands around his neck, Sia hugged him while she moved her hips, dancing to the beats.

Hugging her waist, Mu Jun felt his fingers tremble the movement as he touched her exposed waist. Rubbing her soft skin with his fingers, Mu Jun felt extremely aroused. Looking into her bright eyes, Mu Jun leaned forward until their forehead was touching and whispered "I want to kiss you"

With a faint smile, Sia raised her fingers and traced his lips seductively with her fingers before looking into his eyes as she whispered "Me too"

Hearing that Mu Jun swolled slightly as he leaned forward to kiss her. Just as Mu Jun's lips were about to touch hers, Sia suddenly raised her finger and placed it on his lips, stopping his lips from touching hers. "Uhuh...not now," she said with a cunning glint. "Then when?" Mu Jun spoke against her finger in a hoarse voice

Kissing her finger that was placed on his lips, her lips barely touching his, She replied mischievously "Maybe after we leave this place?"

Her mischievous action made Mu Jun feel like his heart was being scratched by a soft paw. Grabbing her hand, he suddenly bit on her fingers in anger and said "Just you wait, once we are out of this place, I'm going to punish you severely"

Just then Mu Jun's cell phone started to ring with an incoming call. Reaching for his phone, he glanced at the screen before turning back to Sia. Pinching her soft waist, he said "Be good and wait for me here. I need to pick up this call" Releasing her from his embrace, Mu Jun walked out of the club to a silent place to pick up the call.

As she watched Mu Jun step out of the club, Sia suddenly squealed in joy at the movement Mu Jun was no longer in sight. Without wasting a moment, she headed to the bar counter and ordered an expensive and high alcohol-content drink for herself. It did not take long for Sia to get drunk.

'Hic' Turning her head, Sia suddenly blinked her eyes several times as she eyed the beautiful western woman. With a flirtatious smile, she looked at the western woman with blond hair and said "Hey beautiful, are you alone"

Turning her head, the blond woman turned to look at Sia and found herself stunned because of her beauty. Seeing that flirtatious smile on Sia's face, the Western woman found herself flustered. With a nervous smile, she replied "Uhm...Hi"

Suddenly, Sia leaned back holding her heart, looking as if she was hit by something, causing the blond-haired lady to feel nervous. Just as the lady was about to ask what was wrong, Sia suddenly grinned and said "Wah....what a beautiful voice. It made my heart skip a beat"

Hearing that the western lady was stunned before she started to blush red. Grabbing the beautiful lady's hand gently, Sia asked gently "May I know your sweet name gorgeous?"

"Uhm...I am Emma" Emma answered nervously

"Emma? What a pretty name....just like its owner" Sia whispered in a low voice, while looking at Emma with a gentle gaze. "Uhm...may I know your name too?" Emma asked hesitantly

"Sia, my name's Sia, please remember your heart" Staring at the beautiful woman, Sia suddenly sighed "Sigh...too bad"

"What's wrong?" Emma asked worriedly

Looking at the woman, Sia sighed again "How I wish you were my girlfriend? I would have showered you with kisses and roses every day. I would have taken you to the moon to have a candlelight dinner and to the mars to spend a sexy night"

Hearing that Emma suddenly started to giggle as she found Sia's words very funny. "Oh...oh my god, my heart is about to burst out seeing your smile," Sia said exaggeratedly causing Emma to laugh out loud. Standing at the side, the bartender felt his lips twitch as she listened to Sia flirting with Emma. For a moment, even he too was seduced by Sia's words and look. Shaking his head, the bartender suddenly turned around and headed elsewhere, not wanting to see a beautiful lady flirting with another beautiful lady. Suddenly Sia stepped down from the chair and moved closer. Raising Emma's hand, she pecked on the back of her gently. With her lips arched upwards into a flirtatious smile, her head tilted slightly to her right, she looked at Emma with a gentle gaze overflowing with love and asked politely "Do I have the honor to ask this beautiful lady for a dance? Hmm?" At last, Sia even raised her eyebrows flirtatiously, causing Emma's heart to skip a beat. With her cheeks flushed, Emma nodded gently before following Sia to the dance floor. Standing at the side, Mu Jun who had been watching the show for a while felt his lips twitch. He shouldn't have left her alone, he should have remained with her. See, it's only been a little while and his baby girl was already messing around. Feeling a headache, Mu Jun rubbed his brows which were a little painful. Just then he heard a snicker from his left. Turning his head, he saw Yang Jie and the other guys standing next to him. "What are you doing here?" Mu Jun asked

"Hehe...Watching the show" Yang Jie snickered

"How long have you been here?" Mu Jun asked again

"It's been a while"

"How long did you watch her show?" "Since the beginning. Isn't this why we are here? Watching it from far away was no fun, so we stepped down"

"Did you enjoy the show?" "Of course, why not?" The moment Yang Jie answered, Mu Jun suddenly kicked the back of his knees, causing Yang Jie to almost kneel.

"Fuck....third brother why did you kick me? Are you fucking crazy?" Yang Jie yelled

"Not yet but soon I will be" Mu Jun scoffed before kicking him again

"Ah! Third brother, why did you kick me again?" "Not just a kick, I want to beat you into a pulp. Instead of taking her away, you not only let her mess around but even watched it as a source of entertainment. Are you my brothers?"

"Third brother, you can't blame us. Except for you, no one can handle sister Sia when she is in her drunken state. In case we try stopping her, she will only cause a bigger mess" Si Ming said

Nodding his head, Lu Jin also agreed "I agree, no one dares to mess around with Sister Sia when she is drunk. We could only remain still and watch her from a distance" freewebnov(e)l

"Tsk... I must say third brother, Sister Sia is really good at flirting, better than you and all of us. Even I learned one or two tricks by just watching her. Too bad she is born as woman if not she would have been my biggest rival...ah!" before Yan Jie could finish, Mu Jun furiously kicked Yang Jie's butt again.

"Third brother, are you fucking lost your mind?" Yang Jie groaned

Seeing that Mu Jun was about to raise his legs again, Shen Yi suddenly held him back and said "Alright! Alright! Now both of you stop. Third brother, ignore him for now and go take care of Sister Sia. If you delay any more, she might even bed that Western woman" f reewe bnovel

Hearing that, all the boys suddenly turned to look at the dance floor and were stunned by what they saw.

"This woman....huh! she's dead!" Mu Jun sneered coldly

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