Chapter 555 3

Chapter 555 3

Following Shen Yi's words, the moment Mu Jun looked at Sia he felt his blood pressure raise to his head. "This woman....huh, shes dead!" Mu Jun sneered coldly before walking towards the dance floor. By now, Sia was all over Emma. With her hand on Emma waist, Sia was speaking to her while looking at her passionately. God knows what she said to Emma causing the later to blush furiously. Just as Sia leaned in, looking like she was about to kiss Emma, Mu Jun appeared behind her out of nowhere and pulled her back. Turning her around, he lifted her up and carried on his shoulder. Nodding his head, he appologized to Emma on behalf of Sia before carrying her back to where the boys stood. All this while Sia kept struggling to get down but Mu Jun paid no attention. It was only after carrying her back to the place where the boys were did he finally put her down. The moment Sia was put down, she pushed Mu Jun away and cursed "Damn you, who do you think you are? Do you think I am a sack-huh?" the moment Sia saw Mu Jun's face she was stunned. The next moment, she blinked her eyes and suddenly grinned widely. Grabbing Mu Jun's collar, she pulled him closer and asked "What a handsome little angel. Little Brother, did the god send you to this earth for me? He must have, if not why would you have met me out of thousands of people?"

"....." Hearing almost laughed out love, but seeing Mu Jun's grim face, he held it in. "Tsk, that daaamn god, how could he be c-s-careless? Little brother let me t-t-tell you, this place is not at allllll good. There are tooooo many evil people here" looking around, Sia suddenly pointed at Yang Jie who was trying his best to not laugh and said "Like him."

"huh?" Pointing at himself, Yang Jie asked in disbelief "Me? Bad guy? Do I look like a bad guy?"

Ignoring Yang Jie, Sia suddenly covered one side of her mouth and said to Mu Jun in a voice clear enough for the other four to hear "Let me tell you a secret. That baddie over there in a flowery dress....hehe, he is actually a panty thief...hehe!"

"...." 'Me? a panty thief?' Yang Jie exclaimed to himself in shock. "Not only that...i heard from his girlfriend that he also has kidney diffieciency...haha"

"pfft!" hearing that Si Ming and Lu Jin burst out laughing, but held back after receiving Yang Jie's glare. "And those two ugly ducklings, they are soo dumb. They thought I did not know but they are actually a couple. I saw them doing this...hehe" Sia giggled while showing the kissing action with her fingers. "....." looking at each other, Lu Jin and Si Ming suddenly stepped away from each other. Shaking his head helplessly, Shen Yi laughed at his brother for taking a drunk persons words serious.

Suddenly, Sia looked at Shen Yi with her eyes narrowed as she continued whispering to Mu Jun "And that guy over there....let me tell you he is the most secretive. But with my powerful eyes, I still found out the truth. Hehe....The truth is, he is actually not a 'He' but a 'She'...hehe"

"...." "Pfft!!!" unable to hold it anymore, Yang Jie, Si Ming and Lu Jin hugged each other and started to laugh out loud while looking at Shen Yi's dark face, which was a rare sight to look at.

"So you must stay away him or else he will eat you up, just like this...Argh" Sia said while curling showing her claws and teeth, looking cute and childish.

"...." Rubbing the space between his eyebrows, Mu Jun looked at his girlfriend helplessly, thought there was a faint smile on his smile. Not noticing Mu Jun's helplessness, Sia held Mu Jun's shoulder, looking like an elder as she said " Little brother, There are tooooo many evil people like them so you s-sh-should be veerry veerrrry careful! Got it? But don't worry, Sister will protect you. Sister here will not let any cat and dog's to touch you. Sister will protect your from this evil world but in return..... will you help sister warm her bed? hmm?" Sia asked while dancing her eyebrows smuggly. Resisting the urge to spank her, Mu Jun held Sia in his arms and said "Sia, that's enough. Its getting late, let's head back"

"Oops! You actually know my nammmee?? Hehe....I was right. The god must have sent you down to warm my bed...hic"

Rubbing the space between his eyebrows, Mu Jun glared at the few boys who were giggling to themself and growled "What are you guys looking at?"

"Hmm.." clearing his throat, Lu Jin grinned and said "nothing-nothing! We were just wondering how cute sister Sia is"

"Cute? Huh, why don't you look at how cute your girlfriends are?" Mu Jun scoffed freeweb(n)

"Hmph, don't compare my girlfriend with yours third brother. Unlike yours, my girlfriend is far more obedient. Unlike sister Sia who keeps causing trouble--what?" just as Lu Jin was praising An Ran, Yang Jie suddenly slapped Yang Jie's head and pointed at a certain direction and said "Look over there"

With a frown, Lu Jin followed Yang Jie's finger and looked over. But the next moment, he felt his jaws almost drop down when he saw the following scene. "Baby!" he cried out and hurriedly rushed towards An Ran. At the moment, An Ran was standing infront of a brawny bowncer with her hands clasped together, looking starry eyed as she looked at the later in infatuation. In front of the bouncer, An Ran who was dressed in pink looked like a cute little kid. The moment Lu Jin and the other guys arrived, they heard An Ran exclaim "Woow.....mister, you look very handsome. Mister, you are soo huge, like the teddy bear my father gifted me. Mister your biceps are soo thick. can I touch them?"

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