Chapter 530 - May my life be peaceful!

530 May my life be peaceful!
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He vomited blood!


The spirit light that enveloped Bai Ye dissipated, and little spirit fell into his palm.

“Little spirit!”

Bai Ye jumped in shock. Fortunately, Xiao Ling only staggered weakly before opening her still-blue eyes. Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’s just that I haven’t been psychic for a long time, so I’m not used to it.

Bai Ye was silent, but he knew that Xiao Ling’s injuries had not healed. Just like her grandfather Bai Zhan, she was unable to recover to her peak in the later stages.

That huge lightning bolt that fell from the sky was too terrifying!

White Night felt that if it were her, just one-tenth of the power of that giant lightning would be enough to turn her into ashes.

I … Xiao Ling recovered for a while before she spoke in a sad voice, ” the old man’s ambition was not fulfilled when he was struck by lightning. He lost his beloved son and died a tragic death. Before he died, he used the last of his bloodline power to nourish me so that I could live longer and meet you.

Without the isolation of the spiritual light, everyone in the house heard it. The villagers were all mournful.

Xiao Ling paused for a moment, but her tone suddenly became softer. but the old man’s last wish was for me to protect you and let you live in peace in Prajna village. His last wish was to let you live in peace.

Not revenge!

Not to continue his lofty aspirations

Instead, he wished for White Night to live in peace.

Upon hearing this, Ji Fu and the others were stunned. They looked at the little spirit. They obviously didn’t expect that this was their old master’s last wish.

Then wouldn’t their actions be contrary to the old master’s last wishes?

At the thought of this, all the elders felt a burst of guilt. How could they not have thought that the heavy burden of the spirit race’s revival would be placed on the shoulders of such a young master? how difficult would that be for her?

They were stunned.

of course I’ll live a peaceful life, but I’m not forced to. I’ll live a peaceful life. Bai Ye, however, spoke faintly and paused.

She said word by word, “uproot all threats, sweep away all obstacles, and become the top person. The world is under my feet. Who can do anything to me?!


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