Chapter 531 - : The goddess!

Chapter 531: The goddess!

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It was as if a magnificent atmosphere had condensed from the Prajna village into a green Luan that looked down on the world and rushed into the nine Heavens! Break the heavens! It flew towards the endless world.

This scene!

It was a sign that White Night was about to lead the spiritual race to the peak!

After a long while, the excited villagers finally calmed down. However, everyone’s eyes were shining with a bright light. That was faith! The light of hope!

And from this moment on, White Night would become their faith, their hope! In the future, he might even become a God in their hearts!

Yu Jiuchong looked on silently, silently experiencing her beauty. He felt that the person who was surrounded by the old men was like a goddess, exuding the light of the moon! That lofty.

when the cult Master of the Tianyin sect first besieged my grandfather and my father, his cultivation was at least at the high stage of the mystic Thearch realm. However, when he appeared the second time, it seemed like his realm had dropped? ” After appeasing the excited villagers, Bai Ye asked Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling’s psychic Divine Art was very powerful. Bai Ye could clearly sense everything through what she saw, including the battle-power of those people.

his cultivation level has dropped to the ninth stage half-Emperor realm. He must have encountered some difficulties. However, when he fully erupts his combat strength, he can kill any first stage Mystic Emperor with the Vermillion Bird bow. Little spirit said.

“Don’t be afraid. If it’s a first stage Mystic Emperor, we old fellows will undo the seal and form a formation to kill him! They could still be killed. However, the Vermillion Bird bow is very powerful, and we can only rely on master to use his bloodline power to take it back.” Ji Fu said.

In the past few days, Ji Fu and the others had clearly understood the background of the dark sky religion.

it’s just that we haven’t found the exact location of the cult yet. I’ve also heard that the cult Master of the dark sky cult is cultivating a divine technique. Once he succeeds, not only will he regain his former fighting strength, but he will also be able to advance a step further. Ji Fu continued.

“It’s not a rumor. The master of Tianyin order is indeed cultivating a divine technique, and he’s making good progress.” Yu Jiuchong confirmed.

“If not for that! He didn’t dare to send people to abduct the old master after he found out that the old master was from Prajna village! After we leave, they’ll make it look like they’re massacring the entire village!” Ji Fu said in a deep voice.

After all, putting aside the hidden power of their Prajna village, on the surface, White Night not only had the Tianxuan imperial family behind him! And the heavenly policy divine talisman! Most importantly, she was the last disciple of the four elders of Tianxuan!

With such a status, even if White Night was a coward, people from ordinary forces would not dare to offend her. Even if the Vermilion Bird bow was impressive, the cost was equally great! To a ninth stage half-Emperor, shooting a bow once was definitely the limit.

“The Tianyin religion’s initial goal must have been to kidnap us and bait the little master! After that failed, they would take a step back and use the illusion of massacring the village to lure little master back. Then, they would make a good plan and capture little master to bring him to the dark sky religion!” Ji Fu even made an analysis.

Bai Ye and Yu Jiuchong nodded at the same time. They had sensed that the Prajna village had been cleaned up before they arrived.

If the Prajna village didn’t have the ancient spiritual race’s inheritance and had some hidden means of communication … Xiao Ling was psychic, and Bai Ye could sense through the power of his bloodline that the corpses outside were not from her Prajna village.

White Night must be under Xue Chou’s attack! Following the “clues” left behind by the dark sky religion about Liu Mingshui, he was walking step by step into

the enemy’s trap!

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