Chapter 536 - : Chu Chengye’s Viciousness

Chapter 536: Chu Chengye’s Viciousness

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“General Su, this is not up to you.”

Chu Chengye made a move, and immediately, Imperial Guards came forward to arrest Su Dingwei. If Su Dingwei thought of resisting, Chu Chengye coldly reminded him, “Injuring the Regional Prince is a serious crime. If General Su dares to resist the Imperial Guards, the consequences will be more severe than just corporal punishment.”

“Master, Master…”

Qin Wan’s heart was aching, but she didn’t dare to let Su Dingwei act again.

Su Dingwei could only grit his teeth and give up.

Chu Xiaotian sneered. “Father-in-law should have known this would happen, so why bother taking action? Han’er is already married to me, and it’s only right for me to bring her back to the prince’s mansion! Even her parents have no right to stop it!”

“Chu Xiaotian, you… This is too much!” Su Dingwei was caught by the Imperial Guards.

Seeing him curse, Chu Chengye thought of a vicious move. “Since General Su doesn’t value my brother, I’ll order an execution right here.”

He deliberately raised his voice when saying this, ensuring that those inside could hear him.

Su Yingxue had just cleaned Su Han’s abdomen, and she couldn’t preserve the baby. She had to clean it thoroughly before properly suturing it. Otherwise, she would…

“Sister, my father, he…” Su Han’s face showed no trace of color due to the pain.

She had endured for so long, and the pain of having her abdomen cut open hadn’t made her flinch.

But now, her father was held captive. If she continued lying here and her father was subjected to corporal punishment, what should she do?

“Cousin, don’t move!”

Su Yingxue pressed down on her restless shoulders and administered the bowl of anesthetic prepared by Saint Ruan.

“Sister, my father…” After giving Su Han the medicine, Su Yingxue immediately sealed her acupuncture points, rendering her immobile.

She gently touched Su Han’s forehead. “Sister, rest assured and sleep well. I will save you!”

As for Su Dingwei…

If Chu Chengye dared to harm him in the slightest, she would make Chu Chengye pay the same price!

Saint Ruan assisted Su Yingxue in stitching up the wound, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise. “1 admire you. The fire has reached your doorstep, yet you remain so calm?”

Her needlework was extremely precise and unaffected by her emotions.

However, it was evident that the situation outside was dire!

Su Yingxue’s gaze turned cold. “Shut up! Thread!”

Saint Ruan quickly assisted her.

Outside the door, Su Dingwei had been stripped naked. Chu Chengye intended to break into the medicine hut with Chu Xiaotian and take Su Han away.

Su Dingheng held his sword and blocked the door. “Stop! Today, even if the God of Heaven comes, don’t think about entering. Otherwise, kill me first!”

He had never done anything for Su Yingxue. This time… he hoped to be like his elder brother and contribute to protecting his daughter.

Chu Xiaotian frowned. “Su Dingheng is the Marquis. Although his official position is not high, he is still Su Yingxue’s father. Cousin, I’m afraid it’s not easy to touch him.”

Chu Xiaotian had some reservations just now, which was why he didn’t dare to make a move.

Although the Imperial Guards brought by Chu Chengye could completely suppress the soldiers in Marquis’s Manor, Su Dingheng acted shamelessly and forcefully stopped them. They couldn’t directly attack Su Dingheng.

Otherwise, no matter where this matter went, it wouldn’t be justified. After all, they were the ones who barged into the Marquis’s Manor this time!

The corners of Chu Chengye’s mouth curled into a cold arc. He walked in front of Su Dingheng but did not attack him. He only said softly, “Marquis, Su Yingxue is your daughter. Is Rou’er not? Have you forgotten who exposed Rou’er’s corpse in the wilderness? 1 wanted to find a complete corpse for Rou’er to bury, but Rou’er was eaten by wild beasts and her face was unrecognizable. Not even her bones were left..”

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