Chapter 537 - : Kill Her and Avenge Mother

Chapter 537: Kill Her and Avenge Mother

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Su Dingheng’s face turned a dismal white, and the sword in his hand clattered to the ground with a loud sound. “Rou’er, my daughter, how could she…”

How could it be so tragic?

Not even a bone left!

Chu Chengye raised his eyebrows triumphantly, taking advantage of the moment to command, “Quickly assist the Marquis in resting. Otherwise, if the Marquis encounters problems, can you bear the responsibility?”

Su Dingheng’s mind was in turmoil, and the debonair demeanor from moments ago was instantly shattered.

Chu Chengye looked at the empty door, the light inside shining as bright as day as if representing nobility and justice.

However, he was determined to shatter this nobility and trample upon this justice.

“Su Yingxue, you owe me, and you will repay it all!”

Chu Chengye, with Chu Xiao tian, was about to enter when a petite figure blocked their way.

Zhilan used her body to obstruct the door. “Miss has ordered that unless she comes out, no one can barge in. Even if 1 have to risk my life, I won’t let you in!”

“Who are you? How dare you stop my cousin!”

Min Jia stormed out angrily and slapped Zhilan. “Get lost!”

Zhilan spat out blood from the blow but got up, still blocking the door. “You can’t go in. You can’t go in!”

Min Jia clenched her teeth in anger. “Su Yingxue, that wretched woman’s maid, is also this audacious! Brother, kill her and avenge Mother!”

Min Jia snorted disdainfully. She wanted to see how unafraid this maid was of death!

“Even if you kill me, I will guard the door for Miss!” Zhilan opened her arms, forcefully preventing them from entering.

Chu Xiaotian refrained from making a move. “Killing a maidservant dirties my blade!”

Although he was not a martial hero, he knew that a martial artist’s weapon shouldn’t be used against a defenseless woman, especially a servant!

Chu Chengye handed his sword to Min Jia and raised his eyebrows. “Since Su Yingxue has offended my cousin, I’ll handle it myself and seek retribution.”

Min Jia’s heart skipped a beat.”… Let me, do it?”

Despite her arrogant demeanor, she had never even killed a chicken at home. Now, she was being asked to take a life?

“Are you afraid, cousin? With me here, no one will dare touch a hair on your head.” Chu Chengye smiled smugly.

Min Jia’s eyes gleamed with excitement. Although she had never killed anyone before, Chu Chengye made it sound so easy. Killing a maidservant was nothing.

She took Chu Chengye’s sword and sneered. “Su Yingxue, daring to humiliate me? I’ll kill your maid first and then settle the score with you!”

Su Yingxue still had a few stitches left. Saint Ruan saw her hand tremble, and the needle failed to go down.

“Zhilan, cousin…”

Su Yingxue had time to put the needle down, but doing so would expose Su Han’s wound…

And behind her was Zhilan’s life!

“D*mn it! I’ll go out and confront them!”

Saint Ruan angrily discarded his gloves, and rolled up his sleeves, ready to charge outside.

But before he could reach the door, a woman’s scream echoed. “Ah!”

Saint Ruan’s heart skipped a beat. “Oh my god, that little girl can’t be dead, right?!”

Su Yingxue was also agitated, but her eyes widened instantly. “Isn’t that Zhilan’s voice?”

“What? Who is that?”

“Don’t worry about it, Saint Ruan. Come back and focus on suturing. Sister’s health is more important!”

Su Yingxue shouted sternly.

Saint Ruan quickly returned, cleaned his hands, and removed his gloves again. He cooperated with Su Yingxue to complete the last few stitches..

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